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Our firm has been doing some market research in the Central Coast area of CA and we have come to a conclusion, many firms do an outstanding job creating content.  However, very few of them do market research, market strategy, and feasibility.  Companies are blindly creating content without consideration for what works best for the companies and what the economic impacts and returns are.  As a company, you do not have to do everything.

More alarming from our research is that very few companies have a marketing plan or specific strategies to meet their company goals and objectives.  We believe companies need to have a path and use the most efficient methods possible to meet their goals.  To survive, companies need to be unique and not just the norm.   You should always be able to answer the following questions:

What is special about my product and why I am trying to market it?

What should price my product  to match my target market?

What distribution strategies would offer the most effective rate of return?

What promotional strategies would give me the reach and frequency I need to achieve my desired purchase rate?

Can I describe that target I want to market my product to?

Is this product worth marketing in accordance with the chosen market?

These questions can help any company maximize potential return while effectively leveraging their resources.  Let us help you achieve your goals.

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